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Becca Blond

Florida (Lonely Planet Florida) - Jeff Campbell, Becca Blond, Jennifer Denniston, Beth Greenfield, Adam Karlin, Willy Volk
Buch:Florida (Lonely Planet Florida)
Autor:Jeff Campbell, Becca Blond, Jennifer Denniston, Beth Greenfield, Adam Karlin, Willy Volk, Ausgabe vom 1. Januar 2009, Taschenbuch, Verkaufsrang 2339
Florida - Jeff Campbell unter  

Australia (Lonely Planet Australia) - Justine Vaisutis, Becca Blond, Lindsay Brown
Buch:Australia (Lonely Planet Australia)
Autor:Justine Vaisutis, Becca Blond, Lindsay Brown, Ausgabe vom 1. Nov. 2007, Taschenbuch, Verkaufsrang 167
Australia - Justine Vaisutis unter  
How the hell do you get around this magnificent, monster country? Do you saddle up the caravan and take to the highways? Do you work your way around every town and city, picking fruit and pulling beers? Or do you slow it right down and simply languish in a rainforest or amble through the wine regions? This guide will show you how to do all of the above and love every minute of it.

 - Justine Vaisutis, Becca Blond, Lindsay Brown
Buch:Lonely Planet Reiseführer Australien
Autor:Justine Vaisutis, Becca Blond, Lindsay Brown, Ausgabe vom 1. Mai 2008, Broschiert, Verkaufsrang 209340
Lonely Planet Reiseführer Australien - Justine Vaisutis unter  

Thailand (Lonely Planet Thailand) - Aaron Anderson, Becca Blond, Brett Atkinson, Tim Bewer, Virginia Jealous, Lisa Steer
Buch:Thailand (Lonely Planet Thailand)
Autor:Aaron Anderson, Becca Blond, Brett Atkinson, Tim Bewer, Virginia Jealous, Lisa Steer, Ausgabe vom 1. Aug. 2007, Taschenbuch, Verkaufsrang 58851
Thailand - Aaron Anderson unter  
Amazon. co. uk
Many backpackers refer to the various Lonely Planet guides as South East Asia bibles, and indeed treat them as such. Taking just a glimpse at < I> Lonely Planet: Thailand, it's not difficult to understand why. Crammed into over 1000 pages is everything you could want to know about pretty much every region of Thailand. From the southern provinces bordering on Malaysia, to the main coastal destinations such as Phuket and Koh Samui, from the intense heat of Bangkok to the amazing architecture around Ayutthaya and the contrasting tranquillity of the north, the people at Lonely Planet give you as much practical information on places to stay, eat and visit as possible. Updated regularly, the guides try to keep abreast of the rapid development in Thailand and give you the latest, vital information on how much you can expect to pay-particularly useful for that first trip in a Songthaew or Tuk-tuk.
As always there is detailed information about the culture and history of Thailand. However, for many the focus is on the practicalities of finding accommodation and getting where you're going (once you have used the handy maps to figure out where you are). Particularly useful are the suggested itineraries which give an idea of what you can fit in whether you are staying for a couple of weeks or several months. For those wanting to concentrate their stay on the main attractions of Bangkok and Thailand's coastal regions, < I> Lonely Planet: Thailand's Islands and Beaches is perhaps a better bet. However, if you fancy being a little more adventurous and seeing more of Thailand, < I> Lonely Planet: Thailand is certainly a good place to start. -< I> Caroline Butler

Southwest USA (Lonely Planet Southwest USA) - Becca Blond, Sara Benson, Lisa Dunford
Buch:Southwest USA (Lonely Planet Southwest USA)
Autor:Becca Blond, Sara Benson, Lisa Dunford, Ausgabe vom 1. Okt. 2008, Taschenbuch, Verkaufsrang 13739
Southwest USA - Becca Blond unter  

South Africa,  Lesotho & Swaziland: Country Guide (Lonely Planet South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland) - Mary Fitzpatrick, Kate Armstrong, Becca Blond, Michael Kohn, Simon Richmond, Alistair Simmonds
Buch:South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland: Country Guide (Lonely Planet South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland)
Autor:Mary Fitzpatrick, Kate Armstrong, Becca Blond, Michael Kohn, Simon Richmond, Alistair Simmonds, Ausgabe vom 1. Nov. 2006, Taschenbuch, Verkaufsrang 77264
South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland - Mary Fitzpatrick unter  

 - Nicola Williams
Buch:Lonely Planet Reiseführer Estland / Lettland / Litauen
Autor:Nicola Williams, Ausgabe vom 1. Okt. 2006, Broschiert, Verkaufsrang 88202
Lonely Planet Reiseführer Estland / - Nicola Williams unter  
Nationalparks, Museen, Plätze und Tempel - Lonely Planet bringt alles, was man gesehen haben muss. Viel drängender für Traveller ist oft allerdings erstmal die Frage: " Wo schlafen? ", " Wo essen? " Die legendären reisepraktischen Infos sind das Rückgrat jedes Lonely Planet: Unterkünfte und Restaurants für jeden Geschmack und Geldbeutel, vom Low-Budget-Hostel zum Luxus-Resort, von der sensationell günstigen Streetfood-Bude zur Top-Gastronomie. Lonely Planet Autoren kennen die coolen Bars, angesagten Stadtviertel und lauschigen Strände abseits der ausgetrampelten Touristenpfade. Die deutschen Ausgaben erscheinen schon kurz nach dem englischen Original; so bleiben die Infos topaktuell. Ein handliches Format, eine feste Verarbeitung, die nicht nach drei Tagen auseinanderfällt, exakte Karten, Super-Farbfotos und informative Glossare runden das Ganze ab.

Madagascar & Comoros (Lonely Planet Madagascar & Comoros) - Tom Parkinson, David Andrew, Becca Blond, Aaron Anderson
Buch:Madagascar & Comoros (Lonely Planet Madagascar & Comoros)
Autor:Tom Parkinson, David Andrew, Becca Blond, Aaron Anderson, Ausgabe vom 1. März 2008, Taschenbuch, Verkaufsrang 41080
Madagascar & Comoros - Tom Parkinson unter  

 - Mary Fitzpatrick, Kate Armstrong, Becca Blond
Buch:Lonely Planet Reiseführer Südafrika, Lesotho und Swaziland
Autor:Mary Fitzpatrick, Kate Armstrong, Becca Blond, Ausgabe vom 1. Juni 2007, Broschiert, Verkaufsrang 249946
Lonely Planet Reiseführer Südafrika, Lesotho - Mary Fitzpatrick unter  

Canada. Lonely Planet - Andrea Schulte-Peevers, Becca Blond, Kerryn Burgess
Taschenbuch:Canada. Lonely Planet
Autor:Andrea Schulte-Peevers, Becca Blond, Kerryn Burgess, Ausgabe vom 1. April 2005, Verkaufsrang 85648
Canada. Lonely Planet - Andrea Schulte-Peevers unter  
From Antarctica to Zimbabwe, if you're going there, chances are Lonely Planet has been there first. With a pithy and matter-of-fact writing style, these guides are guaranteed to calm the nerves of first-time world travelers, while still listing off-the-beaten-path finds sure to thrill even the most jaded globetrotters. Lonely Planet has been perfecting its guidebooks for nearly 30 years and as a result, has the experience and know-how similar to an older sibling's "been there" advice. The original backpacker's bible, the L P series has recently widened its reach. While still giving insights for the low-budget traveler, the books now list a wide range of accommodations and itineraries for those with less time than money.
Whether you've got plans for stepping out in Montreal or kayaking Desolation Sound, this comprehensive guide will get you there in style. This guide offers places to stay and eat for all budgets, extensive coverage of outdoor activities (from sailing to skiing), Canadian English and Canadian French language sections, plus background on history, culture, and politics. Sidebar highlights include information on whales, totem poles, the Acadians, the Grand Banks, and the National Film Board of Canada. Check out the special flora, fauna, and national parks feature. < I>-Kathryn True

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