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Ann Granger

Say It With Poison (Meredith and Markby Mysteries) - Ann Granger
Buch:Say It With Poison (Meredith and Markby Mysteries)
Autor:Ann Granger, Ausgabe vom April 1993, Paperback, Verkaufsrang 621194
Say It With Poison - Ann Granger unter  
Foreign Service Consul Meredith Mitchell returns to England for the wedding of her godchild and is shocked when a bloody ox heart, a dead cat, and some poison threaten to ruin the nuptials. Reprint. P W. K.

The Companion (Lizzie Martin Mysteries) - Ann Granger
Buch:The Companion (Lizzie Martin Mysteries)
Autor:Ann Granger, Ausgabe vom 12. Juni 2007, Hardcover, Verkaufsrang 66104
The Companion - Ann Granger unter  
< I>? In the corners of the room the shadows cast velvety veils. It would not be too difficult to imagine someone stood there and watched. I thought of Madeleine Hexham. . . . I glanced around me. It was likely that I'd been given my predecessor's room and that it was here she had planned her flight into the arms of her mysterious lover. ? < B R> < B R> When Lizzie Martin arrives in London in 1864 to become a lady? s companion, her first impressions are disturbing. She? s barely out of the station when her cab encounters a wagon carrying the remains of a young woman recently dead. < B R> < B R> At her new home, Lizzie learns that her predecessor, Madeleine Hexham, disappeared without a word of warning. Despite rumors of immoral behavior surrounding the girl? s departure, Lizzie is soon persuaded that there? s a deeper mystery here. Her suspicions are tragically confirmed when Inspector Benjamin Ross delivers shocking tidings. < B R> < B R> Lizzie is determined to unravel the truth about the lost Miss Hexham. As, too, is Ben Ross: a man who cares about justice, whatever the class of victim. But they must tread carefully, as a cornered killer is the most dangerous of all. . .

Risk Communication: A Mental Models Approach - M. Granger Morgan
Buch:Risk Communication: A Mental Models Approach
Autor:M. Granger Morgan, Ausgabe vom 30. Juli 2001, Paperback, Verkaufsrang 211930
Risk Communication A Mental Models - M. Granger Morgan unter  
This book explains how to develop more effective risk communications using the Carnegie Mellon mental-model approach. Such communications are designed to contain, in readily usable form, the information that people need to make informed decisions about risks to health, safety, and the environment. The approach draws together methods from the natural and social sciences, providing a framework for interdisciplinary collaboration. It is demostrated with varied examples including electromagnetic fields, climate change, radon, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Call the Dead Again: A Meredith and Markby Mystery (Meredith and Markby Mysteries) - Ann Granger
Buch:Call the Dead Again: A Meredith and Markby Mystery (Meredith and Markby Mysteries)
Autor:Ann Granger, Ausgabe vom 1. Sept. 2000, Mass Market Paperback, Verkaufsrang 660278
Call the Dead Again A - Ann Granger unter  

Meredith Mitchell and her long-time friend Inspector Alan Markby planned to do something special for the weekend-just to break the routine. As it happened, it was murder that changed their plans. . .
< B> Call the Dead Again
Meredith is hesitant about picking up the hitchhiker on a deserted road outside Bamford, yet with darkness approaching, she just can't leave the young girl alone. But when the stranger is evasive about why she's headed for the beautiful Tudor home of a prominent lawyer, Meredith begins to feel uneasy. And when the lawyer is found dead the next morning, Meredith fears her first instincts were right.
Soon the intrepid sleuths team up to uncover the ghosts of the past and mysteries of the present-exposing some scandalous secrets that drove someone to mischief, madness. . . and murder.

Flowers for His Funeral: A Meredith and Markby Mystery (Meredith and Markby Mysteries) - Ann Granger
Buch:Flowers for His Funeral: A Meredith and Markby Mystery (Meredith and Markby Mysteries)
Autor:Ann Granger, Ausgabe vom Januar 1997, Paperback, Verkaufsrang 644609
Flowers for His Funeral A - Ann Granger unter  
Accompanied by Meredith Mitchell, Chief Inspector Alan Markby is enjoying the Chelsea Flower Show, until he runs into his ex-wife and her current husband, and when the husband is murdered with a poisoned thorn, Markby and Mitchell set out to find the killer. Reprint. N Y T.

Shades of Murder (A Mitchell & Markby Mystery) - Ann Granger
Buch:Shades of Murder (A Mitchell & Markby Mystery)
Autor:Ann Granger, Ausgabe vom 1. Febr. 2001, Paperback, Verkaufsrang 671550
Shades of Murder - Ann Granger unter  
In 1889 Cora Oakley died by inhaling a poisonous gas in her sleep, and her husband William was put on trial for her murder. Over a hundred years later, the only remaining members of the family are two elderly sisters who live in the ancestral home. Unable to maintain the mansion, the sisters decide to sell up and live off the proceeds. Then a young Polish man named Jan appears, claiming to be William Oakley's great-grandson and threatening to ruin the sisters' plans. When he is found dead, it seems that the shadow of murder has returned to haunt the Oakley family again, and Superintendent Markby must look back at the events of a century ago to find the killer. . .

That Way Murder Lies: A Mitchell and Markby Mystery (Meredith and Markby Mysteries) - Ann Granger
Buch:That Way Murder Lies: A Mitchell and Markby Mystery (Meredith and Markby Mysteries)
Autor:Ann Granger, Ausgabe vom 30. Januar 2005, Hardcover, Verkaufsrang 810377
That Way Murder Lies A - Ann Granger unter  
Meredith Mitchell is delighted when an old friend from her consular days, Toby Smythe, turns up on leave between foreign postings. But Toby has a problem-or rather his relative Alison Jenner has-and Toby wants to enlist the help of Meredith's fiancé, Detective Superintendent Alan Markby. Alison has been receiving anonymous hate mail in which reference is made to a time twenty-five years earlier when she stood trial for the murder of her aunt, Freda Kemp, but was acquitted. Who is the writer, and how does he or she know about this secret in Alison's past?
Markby is reluctant to become involved, not least because Toby is hardly his favorite person. Besides, he and Meredith are planning their wedding, and distractions aren't welcome. But inquiries into a poisoned pen campaign soon turn into a murder investigation.
With the help of Inspector Jessica Campbell, a new member of Markby's team, and the non-professional but enthusiastic assistance of Meredith and Toby, the inquiry unravels a twenty-five-year-old mystery and its dreadful legacy of violence.

Beneath These Stones: A Mitchell and Markby Mystery (Meredith and Markby Mysteries) - Ann Granger
Buch:Beneath These Stones: A Mitchell and Markby Mystery (Meredith and Markby Mysteries)
Autor:Ann Granger, Ausgabe vom 2. März 2000, Hardcover, Verkaufsrang 736451
Beneath These Stones A Mitchell - Ann Granger unter  
Life has not been easy for 12-year-old Tammy Franklin. Her mother has passed away, and now her father's new wife has been found stabbed to death. Superintendent Markby is the first on the scene, and he must protect Tammy, as her father is the primary suspect. No one is talking, and Markby and Mitchell are faced with a truth far more complex than they imagined.

A Restless Evil: A Mitchell and Markby Mystery - Ann Granger
Buch:A Restless Evil: A Mitchell and Markby Mystery
Autor:Ann Granger, Ausgabe vom 1. Dez. 2002, Hardcover, Verkaufsrang 753479
A Restless Evil A Mitchell - Ann Granger unter  
The officer on duty at Bamford police station is skeptical when he takes a call from Guy Morgan. Morgan claims to have stumbled upon human bones in Stovey Woods in the heart of the Cotswalds, but surely animal bones are more likely? Morgan, though, is a doctor as well as a hiker, and he knows exactly what he's found.
It sends a shiver down Detective Alan Markby's spine when he hears the news. Twenty-two years ago, as a fresh-faced young inspector, he had a rare failure: His hunt for a brutal serial rapist preying on local women in the Stovey woods came up empty. After the third rape, the attacker disappeared, never to be heard of again.
Now, with a new investigation prompted by Morgan's grisly discovery, the trail could be warm once more. But almost at once Markby is confronted with another body and a thoroughly up-to-date murder. Markby's lover, Meredith Mitchell, can't help but wonder: Could the two be connected? But as both are about to find out, it seems that some of the village residents would be just as happy to let sleeping dogs lie and secrets-both old and new-stay hidden. . .

Asking for Trouble - Ann Granger
Buch:Asking for Trouble
Autor:Ann Granger, Ausgabe vom 18. Sept. 1997, Paperback, Verkaufsrang 950779
Asking for Trouble - Ann Granger unter  
Fran Varady is insolvent, unemployed and, though for the moment she's got the leaky roof of the squat she shares in Jubilee Street over her head, she'll very soon be homeless thanks to the council eviction department. Her dreams of becoming an actress, nurtured when her father and grandmother were still alive, seem a long way off. But Fran is a survivor . . . which her former housemate, Terry, found hanging from the ceiling of her room, clearly is not. Terry, secretive and selfish, was far from popular with the rest of the household, but her death shakes the Jubilee Street Creative Artists' Commune, as the squat residents half jokingly call themselves. And, the more Fran discovers about the death of the young woman whose life briefly intersected with her own, the more she begins to see it was not all it first seemed.

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